Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thrift - Arabia & iittala

I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted  Timo Sarpaneva's Festivo candlesticks! The weight and top were right but the seams appeared rougher than the smaller pair I have at home. Thanks to thriftbreak for the help i.d.ing them. Turns out there is a monster chip to one of the flares so these are keepers. Most of the Scandi I find is damaged but then I guess that is why people donate it.

And not far away I spotted a Kaj Franck cat pitcher by Arabia and without damage (my mom found the exact same one for me several months ago). There are two glass floaters (the other is somewhere...) and a bright yellow Ingrid plastic pot that I shouldn't have purchased. I got an unholy amount of mugs but I'll put that in a separate post.

At GWill found this 1970s Midwinter Stonehenge "Sun" service. It was expensive maybe why it was still there. I'm on the fence with this purchase. It weighs a ton plates are SOLD.

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