Sunday, April 14, 2013

Antiquing In Itsy Bitsy Hell

My friend Amy and I decided to go antiquing in PA. Lordy, girdy-hurdy heaven! All itsy-bitsies! Everything was the same and virtually no furniture. Oh and the prices were surprisingly high.

I only ended up getting three things. A Vera scarf of pink locks and keys, I believe this to be one of her very early designs. Trio of German wood angels and a Lamont linen tea towel.

Other then waking up at 5:30 am it was a fun day of looking at junk and eating a humongous pretzel. But you won't find me going back!

Here is some of the things we saw. I really wanted the Emsa Germany breakfast set cause I love plastic and orange. The Wiinblad poster was priced retail at $225. As you can tell modern was slim pickings.

Besides the Christmas booth (were I found the Vera scarf) the fox and lion were my favorite sightings. This woman sold vintage Lea Stein jewelry and contemporary French plastic jewelry. She said new designs were cut from old stock Galalith (similar to Bakelite.) Below are examples of French artist Marie-Christine Pavone's work.

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