Sunday, April 7, 2013

Score - Fornasetti Paperweight

My husband and I spent the weekend at his brothers wedding, my congrats to the little nit, but I did manage to squeeze in a few antique stores on the way home.

Picked up what I thought was a Fornasetti paperweight but was unsure because I could find no marks, probably why it was priced low. Mom tried to talk me out of this purchase but sure am glad I didn't listen to her! For some reason I like gold on porcelain? SOLD

The Porsgrund Norway fish trivet was the only cheaper item in a booth full of Rosenthal and Wiinblad, strange.

The Safeguard soap tin wasn't cheap but I couldn't resist the illustrations. Charlie Bodden says it's very much in the style of Mary Blair. If anyone knows the illustrator I would love more information. SOLD

The "An English pure silk scarf by Callahers of Macclesfield" 1940s to early 50s souvenir scarf was 25 cents! What in the world can you get for a quarter these days? The little Pyrex dish is for me it's one of the two patterns I collect - thought I had a lid at home but of course I don't. Ended up putting back a lot of enamelware - little sad that I did.


  1. I saw that same tin bucket at an antique mall last week and passed on it because of the price. I've been regretting it ever since.

  2. The scarf is just lovely and the price of 25¢ is just crazy. Good thrifty treasures.

  3. Fornasetti is one of my favorites. I have only found one piece. A keeper of course. Great finds.

  4. Love the Fornasetti. I have yet to find one but definitely hope I do one day. The scarf is super charming too.