Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thrift - Unicorn Mug

After more than a week off I ventured to the thrifts today. Finds mights be getting lean now that the Christmas season is taking off and yes, it gets earlier every year as I often talk to retailers about this.

Found a Bull Taylor & Ng mug (really should have started collecting them years ago instead of selling them) A sail boat mug from Kilkenney Ireland for the sis - nautical and horse racing crap seems to be popular there in addition to those ugly little fascinator hats (not all fascinators are ugly just ones by the endless slew of horrible Irish hat designers) And last an unicorn mug by Audrey Christie (found the cuteness rabbit mug by her too)

That's it. Chow. Off to enjoy traffic free roads, thanks to the government shutdown or Obamacare.

1 comment:

  1. Nice, nice mugs. (And I happen to love “horse racing crap,” though I’m so not into unicorns.)
    But I have never even once found a Taylor & Ng mug in the wild. Lucky you!