Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrift - $5 Glass...What A Bargain!

So skipping the lovely Danish estate sale (see previous post), I made the rounds to two local thrift stores. Passed on these Apollo glasses 'cause I thought they were 50 cents rather than $5 each (must have sold cause they are gone now). You gotta love the bargains at the old biddy store! Ended up getting an 80s globe, are they still popular? And four Campbell soup mug / bowls from 1989 SOLD.

At my fave thrift store found four Maxwell House coffee mugs by Kiln Craft of England. My first undamaged Interdesign storage box in a rather boring color SOLD. You don't see the milkglass vase since I just vowed not to buy anymore!

Another Campbell's mug, weird SOLD. An adorable hand-painted oxen mug by Oxney Green, England but discovered a crack in the handle, bummer! And four craft books from the 70s. Used to find tons of these 3 years ago so was mighty surprised to see these. Again no exciting thrift finds compared to those on the West coast but gotta make to with what I have, curse East coast bad taste!

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