Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thrift - Kobenstyle

After I skipped out on a probable epic estate sale decided to hit up a couple of thrift stores after lunch.

Bust at the old biddy store. At my fave found yellow Kobenstyle butter warmer overpriced cause it's a double whammy; vintage and Dansk! First time I've found Kobenstyle at a thrift in almost 2 years? Has a burned handle as well, hopefully it will sell. SOLD

Otagiri stoneware sea lion mug signed Wendy Morgan. Set of colorful tin coasters. SOLD

And a rocking horse (I had this same one as a kid) marked 1968 on the bottom would look nice in a baby nursery.

At GWill passed on a pair of lotus bowls as they don't sell and I didn't want to stand in line. Passed on a cheese board (similar to the one below) that was quite scratched missing a glass dome and overpriced. Passed on a "Fred and Friends" $3 creamer since I already have one and I couldn't think of anyone who wanted one.

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  1. The Timmy-horse is so cute, and Kobenstyle! Not bad! Thanks for sharing.