Friday, October 12, 2012

Estate - Online Bidding

Is the growing trend with estate sales to sell online instead have having an open house/estate sale? I have always passed on these sales because I prefer the thrill of the hunt and actually being able to see the items condition. But this on particular sale I noticed a Finel bowl for sale so I decided to go for it.

Can I say I'm a fan of online sales? Not so much. One French mug(not pictured) had a chipped rim that wasn't mentioned in the description-worthless and I didn't even receive one of the items (a hand-blown bottle see below) though the auctioneer found that another buyer had it. Credit him for tracking it down but I never got a refund or the bottle! Finel bowl has chip to base also not mentioned. There was a failed attempt to bid on an item for the sis-don't know what the hell happened. Striped glasses color stripes are all faded also not mentioned in description.

In my opinion, the whole thing seems like a waste of time for the seller; one to photograph all the items (none of them valuable) pay a host site ect.

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