Thursday, October 25, 2012

Estate: Catherineholm Fail

Oh my, look at that lovely sight! Somehow I missed seeing this in the ads? My mom thought she'd surprise me with these for Christmas. A sweet sentiment but I wish she'd told me 'cause I would have told her showing up half an hour before the sale was not early enough. Heck, I would have even gone early to that sale and I NEVER go early!

So the guy first in line got the set and a scuffle ensued because a lady grabbed half of the bowls (Hi Canince - Sorry you weren't able to snag em, the guy sounds like a real douche-bag). I don't know how that happened unless they both ran in the door at the same time? Mom said the bowl set went for $120. He also got the rest of the Catherineholm pieces. The aqua Kobenstyles were overpriced at 60 bucks each. Oh well, I'm sure there will never be a next time, hahaha, sadness.

What mom did manage to grab a expensive Dansk staved teak ice bucket designed by Jens Quistgaard. She said people followed her around after she found the bucket (ha ha one of them was Canice  : P )

At another estate sale she found a Kaj Franck Arabia pitcher. The Gorhams owls music box SOLD and wood box are from previous sales.

Look at the funky wall paper or drapes


  1. Yeah, thats totally nice your mom thrifts for you. I've tried to teach my mom,but it is slow going. Sorry about the CH fail..

    1. The CH will always be a sour note. Yeah, my mom has found some nice things. I don't know how well one can teach thrifting-I don't do so well for my sister with her clothing & jewelery.

  2. It's great that you have another set of eyes out there looking for you. Even though you missed the CH (I feel your pain), the Dansk ice bucket and the arabia pitcher are great finds.