Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thrift - Kaj Franck Origami

My sis is in from Dublin so we went to the thrift store. Found a chipped Kaj Franck Origami K F 2 plate. It was unmarked and is possibly a knock-off but at 50 cents I'll keep it for a while. In addition, I found an original Taylor & Ng whale mug and a pair of blue enamel Turkish pots. My sister found a cute little colorful plastic organizer made in Italy and a set of six NOS green melamine fondue plates made in Japan. Wasn't expecting to find anything today so we were pleased.

Forgot to take a shot of the 1970s red Coleman cooler we picked up, its in slightly better condition than the one pictured below (sorry borrowed the image from Ebay) We were surprisd to see they are worth some decent coinage on Ebay.

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