Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thrift - Pyrex Up The Wazoo

Picked all of the following at the local GoodWill. Eight pink and pale aqua 'Bolero Therm-O-Ware' atomic 3-legged plastic bowls. SOLD.

Promotional 'Golden Rosette' Pyrex casserole gift set, missing warming cradle, 1960-5.

$5 Bialetti espresso maker for myself. Pair Bodum glass coffee cups made in Switzerland. And a medium Americana Pyrex bowl, the smaller brown & gold had too much damage even though it would have completed my set, I can wait to find another in better condition.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thrift - Owl Pane

Thrift was slow and I was getting desperate and picking up anything. Pyrex butter dish. Tupperware cups. Vase. Owl light catcher pane.

Glass vase. Children books. Tiny Limoges vase depicting William the Conqueror 1066, made in France SOLD.

Thrift - Half a Tackett

Here are the finds for the week from GoodWill. 1950-60 Pyrex Flameware coffee peculator which I think is super cool SOLD. Candy tin with handle, made in England. Pair of milk glass vases. More yellow Tupperware containers for me. Never used white enamel Copco pan, made in Denmark SOLD.

Remnant "Arrows" of Littell / Klingenberg textile. Ross Littell was a well known textile designer for Herman Miller, Knoll ect in the 50-80's. His designs are still sold today.

Check out my Etsy store!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thrift - Kyes Trays

Forgot to list these from last week. Marked "Moire Glaze, Kyes, Handmade, Pasadena California" Regrettably, I passed a darker blue larger tray a few weeks ago.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Prep

Thrift - Salty & Peppy

Picked up these vintage salt & pepper shakers at the thrift store. They used to 'meow' when turned over. Made in Japan. They aren't worth much but too cute to resist. And back to the thrift store they went.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Estate - Tea Towels From Mom

Irish linen tea towels from mom. Don't think they were ever used. Freshly laundered. Horse SOLD. Other For Sale

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Estate Score! Timo Sarpaneva Red Cast Iron Casserole

Decided to stop at an estate sale not far from my house. They've been so disappointing lately I just stopped going. Guess I arrived around 12pm and I walk in to see another empty house. I suspect the surviving family removes almost everything nowadays? What was described as "loads of kitchen" was quite the overstatement!

But lo and behold on the counter top I did notice this beauty! By one of my favorite designers, Timo Sarpaneva, this circa 1959 large enamel red cast iron casserole was made by W. Rosenlew & Cody in Finland. Chips and what-not, I consider it a great find. Today, they are only made in black by Iittala.

I knew immediately what this was 'cause I've been considering buying the smaller version with the wood handle. What I can't believe is that no one had picked it up sooner? Ha ha, they had the French Creuset stuff priced twice as high.

Found some little people with wood bodies and four of them have wood heads. Yes, they are collectible. There was an Etsy lady in from of me 'cause she had a bunch of aprons and a Richard Scary book (darn 'cause I've been hoping to find his books), other children books and cute little knick-knacks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thrift - Hello, It's 1985 Calling!

So I stopped by my mom's GoodWill and this is what I found. The coolest phone ever, probably from 1980-85. Made by Crusader this red "My Flower" phone utilizes the petals as the push buttons. You hang-up the phone simply by setting it down. It works too! Has a strange ring that I haven't heard before. I was talking into the petal side and kept hitting the numbers with my ear whilst complaining I couldn't hear anything. The hubby says turn the phone around and use the other end. Duh! Sold.

A large Nissen, Denmark teak cutting board in very good condition. For Sale.

And a sea foam Russel Wright by Steubenville dinner plate. The two other I left because of recent rim chips. There are some imperfections to the rim so they were probably seconds. Originally priced at $4, I asked for 50% off.

The second is a $2 blue gray speckled dinner plate "California Living" by Laurel, 1950-56. Living's design is attributed to Caleb Jackson and refined by Ted Scarpino. Living won a MOMA award for excellence in design. Both for Mom.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thift - Woooo TupperWare

Other than the missed Kluk Kluks here are my finds at my fave thrift. Modern Russian nesting doll glasses. I don't know why I bought these and a few weeks ago passed on the real ones from the 60's?

Look I found another wooden monkey sans arms and the day after I found the Zoo Line Hippo. I have seen parts on Ebay before? Had to rescue him.

Several milk glass vases and pedestal. A replacement jar (it was missing a cork lid) for the one I broke the other day. A lone glass floater. Strawberry Shortcake tin. More lovely Tupperware. Four glass custard cups that I thought were Pyrex but they are Dynaware.

Thrift- Goodwill Ice Cream

Ran into the young lad again at GoodWill right after my fave thrift store. He picked up a tiny little uranium glass pedestal cake platter. Surprised, I missed it but then it was a little frou-frou for me (why didn't I take a pic of it?) Anyhoo, he explained the merits of uranium glass ect. I showed him two green pedestal bowls on the shelf but he was unsure if they were uranium. I think, they were probably China, oh well. I did mention that the hubby metal detects and often finds old bottle. Hah! That sparked some interest!

Medium sized Donvier ice cream maker from the 80's, new in box, made in Japan. I've sold two small ones so far. SOLD

At first, I thought these were green Pyrex refrigerator dishes but when I lifted them up, I was surprised they were made of plastic. They are marked Lustro Ware, 1946-66, made in Ohio. Another milk glass vase.

Pyrex 'Daisy' oval serving dish. Left a large light yellow Pyrex mixing bowl because of condition issues and I already have two. Wonder why I always find the big yellow bowl but not the different colored smaller sizes?

Photo of the crap my GoodWill usually sells. Anyone want a George Foreman grill 'cause they have dozens! There's no shortage of crock pot either.

Earthquake Victim

His matched blue spoon wife is bereft. Funeral held tonite over recycle bin.

Thrift - Missed Kluk Kluks

I finally remembered to take a camera today and good thing too! These must have just been put out 'cause I looked on the shelf not 15 minutes earlier and I would have surely noticed them. Anyway, this younger lad was in front of me and I saw him pick them up. I thought they were Kluk Kluk by Holmegaard, 1950-60's. The large has a replaced stopper. He seemed positive they were 1830 or 1880 french decanters designed by... can't remember the frenchie name. The glass didn't look that old to me. I think, he's going to be VERY disappointed. Otherwise, we had a really interesting conversation about glass of which he is an avid collector.

Here is a photo of the green casserole that got chipped at the thrift store. Looks as if it's missing a rattan handle or something. Does anyone happen to know anything about it? I did manage to save the smaller bowl. Plus, a photo of the picture wall. The mirror has been calling me for a few weeks now and that lovely shell art covered in plastic to preserve it's beauty for forever.

Thrift Score - At GoodWill?

I'll never understand the GoodWill by my house. Most times I stop by, the shelves are empty but for HomeGoods and tons of 'Made in China' crap. But today was different.

A horribly tacky 80's ice cream mug that I couldn't resist. A Selandia stainless steel server and a rosewood server, both made in Denmark. I love when materials are mixed.

My best find of the day is the 1959 ZooLine hungry hungry hippo trinket box. The tail looks freshly broken probably at the thrift store. He need a little love. There was a lady standing in front of the shelf and when I saw the hippo, I said 'Excuse me' and shot my hand out in front of her. She gave me that sort of dazed look. Hey, I wasn't going to take the chance she'd see him. The photo is blurry because the light was very dim. SOLD

A lone knife to add to several I have already collected. A blue 1976 Bicentennial Ball jar that I got for the hubby but I just might sell? A loud 1970's stoneware plate signed Mikasa 'Indian Feast, Half Moon' I don't believe it to be by the elusive Ben Seibel SOLD.

A yellow & teak thermos I recognized immediately because I'd just seen it on A La Modern's site. Designed by 'G. Rosendahl, Falkenberg Sweden, Made in USA.' I've seen ones made in Sweden online. The tag on the bottom calls it a 'Keeper' 'International Coffee & Tea' 'Camarillo CA' Otherwise, know as "The Coffee Bean" established in 1963. I can only guess this was sold in stores in the 60-70's. Went back to the thrift store - guilty of crappy condition and beer goggle judgement.

More Bodum glasses -  looked and looked for the cork coasters. And a pair of unused stacking Christmas mugs from the 60's, what great graphics and colors.

A very tall Pinocchio made in Italy. I almost bought one in Cville a few weeks ago. Glad I waited. I have a growing Pino. collection SOLD. A leopard print vase of a lady names 'Emily' signed Susan Paley by Gant. I picked some serious tack today SOLD. Four mid 70's to mid 80's Sandra Boyton mugs. For Sale in my Etsy store.

Ladies, let this be a lesson not to apply self tanner! A funkadelic Skipper doll. Her butt says '1965 Mattel, Made in Japan' Her arms face and legs are a weird yellow and sticky. Her leg is broken, I mean broken as in taped together! Don't know what I will do with her? She was $2 so I said 'what the hell" more beer goggles. Behind her sits a milk glass vase.

Found a second 1979 Chein metal recipe card box that has never been used SOLD. A cute little jam jar. I was attracted to it because of the rattan handle. It's signed on the bottom "handpainted".

A pair a Murano glass paper weights. I think the left one is old. Unfortunately I noticed a crack in it when I got home. The other has a foil label. It's not older than the 80's SOLD.

Three bundles of blue garland tinsel, made in Germany, probably 60's. I think crafters will like it and more beer goggles.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Estate - Jazz Hands

Finally went to an estate sale. This house was empty of items. I missed by two minutes 5 or 6 super cute vintage Christmas screen printed tablecloths priced at $5 each, sad face.

Westinghouse glass loaf dish with winged lid, thought I could use it for meatloaf but I don't eat meat maybe for banana bread.

Lime green Tupperware 3 piece container set, I can't resist the stuff! Pyrex lid, I grab these when ever possible because they are hard to find now.

Hallmark and Danish tiny taper candles SOLD.

Collection of vintage candy paper cups from Sweden and England. I will likely sell as a lot with some other paper baking items.

Picked up 6 pairs of vintage gloves for my sister. Black and white kidskin gloves, I feel sorry for all the infant kid goats killed to make gloves. Navy material with cream side braid "Dovelle by Bacmo" Magenta leather with decorative braid, made in USA" Orange fabric gloves with original foil label "Wear Right" and original department store tag "Hofheimer's $1.98" Yellow cream felt gloves marked "Townes Doette Deluxe, Handsewn Cotton, Double Woven" All SOLD.

Ireland - Milk this Kerry Cow

Mom brought me home a mug and tray from Ireland.

Handmade Kerry Cow mug is signed "Muckross House" with the artist cartouche "S" Love the illustrated tag. Circa 1964. By "Muckross House Craft, Kilkenny. I don't know how the hubby and I missed visiting the house?

The melamine tray was probably a tourist souvenir from the Roman Baths made by Praesidium Ornamin Britain. Circa 1965 SOLD.

Err, I'm embarrassed to say, "The Little Mermaid" from Copenhagen SOLD, I found dumpster diving behind my sisters apartment in Dublin this past spring. (I found the same Mermaid souvenir for sale on Ebay for $49, I don't know about that!) The owners were cleaning out their parents house and kindly gave us a tour. They had the 1920's house refurbished in the late 1950 to early 60's. I should have taken photos of the funky light fixtures and 'state of the art' sound systems of the time. The father had worked in a sound recording studio and they had an unpublished studio recording of the Beatles that they were going to auction. Anyhoo, everything in the dumpster was really worn, really cheap, or really tacky, interesting though.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrift - Hear Me Roar

Stopped by the thrift near my mom. Picked up Terence Conran's "Bed and Bath Book" the first one I've ever seen.

A certain Jewish person had donated a lot of Judaica, enamel and pottery items mostly from Israel. All very lovely but they where priced to high for cheapo me. I really should get a camera phone!

Did find hidden, this tiny handmade glazed red clay Japanese vase/pot/saki flask marked "Echizen" I can't read the Japanese mark and will have to ask my cousin to decipher. Funny, still has the Sloans & Kenyon auction house sticker on it (I used to work there eons ago). Likely a tourist item from the Echizen Pottery Village, post 1970. I am fascinated with this piece, it must have have be high fired? In addition, it's well-made, very thin, light and very strong because I accidentally whacked it really hard and not even a mark!

"Echizen pottery is a style that appeared toward the end of the Heian period (794-1192). Echizen ware is made from iron-rich clay that turns a dark, reddish-brown when fired. Traditionally, it is not glazed, but often has subtle patterns of color that result from more or less accidental events that occur during both the shaping and firing of the pieces, such as, for example, ashes from the wood fire clinging to them"

1970's ceramic lion coin bank, made in Japan. The tail is my favorite part. Sold but I broke it during packing, sad face.

Small ceramic blue bird that reminds me of Royal Copenhagen fiance pottery but is unmarked. If anyone has any info.

Pyrex From Mom

Stuff Mom is ready to get rid of... Lemon pitcher, made in Italy.

1973 "Potters Wheel" handmade stoneware creamer designed by David Yorath, one of the great Denby (England) designers.

Mom gave me her excess Pyrex in exchange for the pattern she collects "Butterfly Gold" It's not a pattern I care for and probably the most frequent I see at thrift stores. Patterns in photo "Homestead" and "Horizon Blue"

Orange Tupperware container. It might be missing a handle strap. 1997 Pfaltzgraff "Naturewood" creamer and sugar that mom insists I try and sell on "Itsy" SOLD.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrift - Fragile It's Artwork!

Rather a blah day of finds. At my old biddie store found a Boynton birthday cat mug. For some reason I've been on a bottle binge? Looked at the aqua jars and determined I had a 50/50 chance that they were Ikea. Sure enough after a quick internet search found they were Limmaren bottles, three for $9.99 under bathroom accessories. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

At my fave thrift I purchased a frame with some tongue & cheek...artwork? Needs to be re-matted, I think the matte needs to be wider too. Very college dorm. An IKEA "Bas" display box, I know what's with IKEA today? Probably from 3 years ago?

What I assume is an enameled slop bucket? Wonder if it had a lid? Three Tupperware cups with lids in my favorite yellow and orange. And a pre 1988 "Oregon Myrtlewood" from Myrtlewood Chalet of North Bend Portland business card holder, still in business today. Retails for $20. What a junkie day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thrift - Roly Poly by Dorothy Thorpe

Kids are going to back to school because they were all buying supplies at the thrift store.

The two shelves are not my usual style but I thought I'd see if they will sell in my Etsy shop. The colorful folk shelf is an artistic style introduced by Fernando Llort during the 1970's to La Palma, El Salvador SOLD. Bergren, Swedish style tile SOLD. Iron owl lantern by Hallmark. SOLD

Quail Couroc bowl. Faceted milk glass vase. Bright orange & yellow Tupperware containers, I couldn't resist the colors!

For all the Mad Men fans, five mini Dorothy Thorpe silver band roly poly glasses, I think this size is harder to find? SOLD

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thrift - Brio's Puck the Dog

Coffee & tea wood caddies with rooster decals, made in Japan - booted back to the thrift store. "Horizon Blue" pair of Pyrex mixing bowls.

Puck the Dog by Brio, Sweden. Puck first entered the scene in 1964, this is a recent version. SOLD

Stack of children books from the 1950-70's. "Ramona the Pest" 1968 & "Ramona the Brave" 1975 by Beverly Cleary, one of my favorite childhood books. "The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck" 1967 & Little Golden Book "Heidi" from 1954. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" 1965 that's actually worth something.

My first find from Israel! Handmade enamel over copper in a plastic frame. Circa 1960's. Labeled WIZO Home Industries, Caspi. Interestingly enough, WIZO provided an income to any poor woman living in Israel that was home bound. I found a lot of photos of woman hand making espadrilles. Anyway, it's rare for me to find handmade enamel bowls or plates in my area. SOLD

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrift - Bodum & Swedish Dalahäst

Found at my old biddy shop. A Bodum press (missing cork coaster) for the hubby. He complains about the pod coffee maker at work.

And a four inch red Swedish Dala horse labeled "Handarbete Tillv., John Gudmunds, Sjurberg Rattvik. Probably from the 1960's. SOLD

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thrift Score - Alessi of Italy

Sign, another terrible picture. It must have been overcast when I shot this... Hit 9 stores today and found most of the items at two of them. Sometimes you just don't find much.

Scored with a recent Stainless steel fruit basket by Alessi, Italy, 'This was the first object to emerge from research by the internal engineering department into wire-bending technology, in the late 40s.' I think the square is more rare? It's super expensive to buy new. SOLD

A clear magenta Dansk tray designed by Gunnar Cyren, have what, 5 now? Little Pyrex bowl in Butterfly Gold pattern. Another Ingrid picnic ball, one already for sale in my Etsy shop. Some white Dansk Tiny Taper Candles. SOLD

At my usual haunts (where I always find loads) I only found an Iittala beer mug designed by Oiva Toikka in 1973 (found another a few months back) SOLD

And a "Federal Glass" Cancer  Zodiac mug. But for once no Heller, sad face.

Set of Bodum bowls, I love anything Bodum with cork coasters, don't know if they are worth anything. Kosta Boda Snowball for $3 that has a chip on the bottom but it for my votive collection. Green & orange what I thought were egg cups but now I think they are sake cups, have several white ones too.

Stack of 1960-70's children books. Including a wonderfully illustrated one featuring an owl. Postage scale from 1971 that I use all the time. Three high quality Danish stainless steel candle holders by Lundtofte. For Sale.

Oh, I found a rare white trash can by Japanese industrial designer Makio Hasuike (Gedy in Italy) but it was badly broken, darn sloppy thrift stores.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thrift - Lucite Creamer & Sugar

First, I have to apologize for the terrible photo. Today's finds are from my two local thrift stores.

Hiding in the back is a museum-grade acid free archival box with metal corners for large format negatives, photos or storage, impressed Hollinger Corporation, Fredericksburg VA 22401 and still in business today! For my collection a large Hanson postage scale from 1968. Interestingly, it has an older postage rate sticker underneath. Blue Delft crocus pot, handpainted in Holland.

Three adorable Pyrex "Summer Impressions" in Honeydew (light green) mugs SOLD. IDing thanks to Pair of children books "Small Pig" by Arnold Lobel 1969 and "The Stupids Step Out" by Harry Allard 1974.

Stack of mint condition pastel colored party trays by Colonial Plastics of Cleveland, Ohio. I already have two that I've been using as drawer organizers. Plus a white book holder from England (a have a dark blue one that I found at the same thrift a year ago) SOLD

This is probably one of the oddest things I've found thrifting. From the old biddy store came this Plexiglass / Lucite creamer & sugar with tray. It reminds me of the 1980's Post Modern Memphis style. It has that handmade quality to it but I haven't found any information. Plus, it couldn't have been easy to make with all those parts for assemble. SOLD

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thrift - Glass Cork Bottles Galore

Picked up a ton of stuff today!

Green Copco salad spinner designed by Sam Lebowitz (made in USA) that I thought the hubby wanted but apparently not... A green enamel cast iron pot by Nacco, made in Denmark. I'm unfamiliar with this company but it looks identical to Micheal Lax's Copco cast iron pots. Info I did find: N.A. Christensen & Co (NACCO). Nacco pots and pans were produced by Morsø Jernstøberi (Morsø Cast Iron Foundry) in Denmark. The thrift store said it did not come with a lid but I think it's missing. 

A yellow plastic Rosti mixing bowl made in Denmark. I have three in this size now, so I guess,  I'll have to sell one or two.

Another glass decanter with wood stopper (just sold the first). I saw a third one but without the stopper. SOLD

Four rooster and cupid weather vane cocktail glasses SOLD. I like to think they are from the 1940's?

The most adorable green & gold sugar bowl signed LG 5. I believe this to be an older piece maybe 1930-40's? There is the coolest matching casserole bowl but it has a chip on the handle that you can bet happened at the thrift shop. It was very upsetting to me! Plus its been out for two weeks and they only just put out the sugar bowl? Will have to look for the creamer. I'll try and take a photo of the damaged piece next time I'm at the store. Oh and a hidden little wood topped cork stopper for the hubby's sour beers.

A pair of handpainted wooden dolls that I believe to be Polish for my figure collection. by Aja Tra, made in Uppsala Sweden SOLD.

Someone must have donated their pottery collection. I picked out two pieces, a deep hand thrown bowl with ringed interior stamped HB but it looks like a fish skeleton. Someone had skill making this bowl as it's very thin walled and light weight. I find this mark all the time - must be local?

In addition, a the stoneware jar with natural cork stopper, it an actual whole piece of the tree not the usual ground up mash that's glued together. I don't care for the jar but I couldn't resist the cork lid, signed KA 81. I had to pass on a lovely Bennington Pottery of Vermont jar because it was cracked.

Found a load of cork topped glass kitchen bottles hidden in a basket. Had a 15 year old girl breathing down my neck 'cause she saw me find them and I could tell she was interested. I felt a tiny bit bad grabbing them up. I did manage to break one just after I listed it. SOLD